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The main reason to choose Mindenwoodhotography can be summed up in one word - Bespoke

I feel very strongly that pets are family members.

I have drawn many a strange look from non-pet owners when I explain that I have two, twin daughters called Beryl and Lola who also happen to be crazy Boxer Dogs!

When I say the same thing to pet owners they nod their heads and a small, all knowing smile starts to form.

I think every image you have of your pet should capture the spirit, character and in some cases the downright cheekiness of these unique family members.

To that end I strive to give customers images that will be treasured, shared, laughed at and sometimes cried over, I provide canvas centre pieces that owners can discuss at parties, framed images to look at whilst stuck at work and everything in between!

Your image will evoke emotion and that cannot be compared or replicated with anything else, by choosing Mindenwoodphotography you receive this bespoke service, insight and a guarantee that you will receive images and products that will ensure your memories of that loved family member will never fade.


Jason Corbett